Consultancy and Design

Design a new building and everyone will notice its shape, its style, and its tenants. Following a visit, what will they remember? Often it is its parking!

Visit a shopping centre, leisure centre or similar and parking is your first impression and your last impression. If the bays are too small, the machines overcharge or the barriers take 10 minutes to let them out, they won’t be back – and they’ll let all their friends know. Parking is often forgotten but is as critical to most developments as baggage handling at an airport.

We know parking is an afterthought in many developments and a minor part of most. Hub Parking Technology thus helps take away this headache. Rather than simply selling machines we engage with developers, construction companies and architects to eliminate problems at design stage. We work as a trusted partner, helping to integrate the entire parking task including CCTV, LPR, pedestrian access control, groundworks etc.

Best of all, we maximise revenues and minimise ongoing costs to give a hassle-free facility, far into the future.
We work closely with our customers and bring our extensive experience to bear to help you to find the right products to benefit you over the long term, cost the least to run, improve the customer experience and provide you with the most revenue. We are happy to be involved at the design stage of new projects, or to advise on the best way forward from existing installations.

Our solutions are networkable to maximise benefits across multiple sites and give excellent reporting, yet be standalone. We provide free consultation to help find the optimum parking solution.


Hub Parking Technology - the experts in the application of Parking

Whether it’s a newly built car park or an existing one Hub Parking Technology SA can advise clients on how to maximise the design of their carparks and payment areas to maximise throughput, using signage to make the large number of first time users comfortable with the procedures and we advise on siting and maintenance issues to maximise reliability.


General Design Layout for Parking Equipment

LE-LX-LS Mounting Drawing
AVI ZLC Entry Exit Setup
APS Plinth Mounting Drawing
Control Room Layout
Dual Direction Lane Layout
Interlocking Barriers Lane Layout

Project Management

Project management is another area where Hub Parking Technology SA excels.  Once the order is placed with Hub Parking Technology SA the project department will become the single point of contact (SPOC) for the client, making things simple and straightforward

After the initial meeting our projects department will detail all information and formulate a project plan making use of Microsoft Projects.  The program of works will be developed in line with the client expectations, detailing any milestones that are the responsibility of others so it is clear on what needs to be completed and when.  Along with the program of works, our project team will submit all the necessary health and safety documentation which will include, but not be limited to the method statements and risk assessments for the relevant tasks. 

Our project team will help with the finer details of the equipment specifications and work alongside the end user to ensure that the equipment provided is suitable for the purpose which it was intended for. 

All installations are handled by our project department irrespective of the size of installation.  Our project managers are there to ensure the installation is completed with minimal disruption to the operation of the site, completed on time and on budget, all of which are key factors for our clients.

Once the installation is complete a full acceptance test will be performed by the Hub Parking Technology lead engineer on site, this will be witnessed by the HUB Parking Technology SA projects department and a site representative to ensure that the quality of the installation meets and exceeds the expectations of the end user.


Service & Support

HUB has a country-wide technical call-centre whereby all technical faults are reported telephonically on 0861 ZEAG SA, logged and dispatched to the fully trained field technicians for appropriate action.

For all fault reporting after normal business hours, calls are transferred to a common standby number, which re-routes the call directly to the technician on standby duty to personally assist the caller.

HUB SA also incorporates a fully equipped repair centre, where our fully trained internal technician repairs individual products in an adequate and befitting environment.

HUB SA continually invests in sending our internal technician on a UCD02 & 05 repair course at Zeag Switzerland, whereby we can now offer complete repair facilities on this very expensive component, which is a great advantage not only for HUB SA, but more importantly, for our customers.

HUB SA has technical and commercial regional coverage in KwaZulu-Natal and the Western Cape. Both regions have Regional Managers, with fully trained regional technicians offering an equal quality of service as well as up-to-date product knowledge, to our regional sites, as their Head Office counterparts.

HUB SA firmly believes that the combination of a superb quality product, vast local experience and knowledge, coupled with a nationwide fully trained service and maintenance infrastructure, will provide the South African revenue generating parking market with the very best solution and return on investment.

Tickets & Consumables

HUB Parking Technology Tickets

Your tickets play a huge part in the operation of your car park solution, and should not be overlooked. The performance of your ticketing can make all the difference. Quality is therefore paramount to ensure that your equipment is reliable and functioning efficiently.

HUB Parking Technology has worked tirelessly with its specialist manufacturers and technical engineers to ensure that the Orion ticket is produced using the highest quality materials. HUB Parking Technology ’s ongoing review and improvement policy means that our tickets are subject to regular review, tested and improved to ensure that the performance of the HUB equipment is maintained at all times.

We all know that price plays a major part in purchasing decisions, and it is with this in mind that HUB Parking Technology has developed a very competitive pricing and production structure, whilst ensuring that the quality of our ticket is in no way compromised.

HUB Parking Technology SA has a wealth of experience and knowledge in this area, they also have dedicated staff who are on hand to advise and work with our customers to ensure that the supply of tickets is constant and hassle free.



We provide the facility to call off stocks of tickets as and when they are required.


Customised Tickets

Custom branded tickets can help build relationships with your customers. Why not use the ticket as a way to build brand awareness in your market?


Consumable Items

Thermal Receipt Rolls – HUB Parking Technology can supply thermal receipt rolls along with your tickets if required. Again, the quality of materials used to manufacture the receipt rolls is very important and can play huge role in the overall customer experience when using the HUB Parking Technology  equipment.


One of the key benefits of HUB Parking Technology products is their upgrade capability.

Many HUB Parking Technology sites have been running for more than 10 years with continuous upgrades that ensure the equipment is kept up to date with ever changing technologies.


Training makes the Difference

The success of any system is dependent on the operational and management staff understanding the system.  Regular maintenance tasks should be carried out and first line support should be implemented daily.

At HUB Parking Technology we have found that downtime can be reduced by as much as 90% through effective training and management of the parking operation.

Training starts before purchase with workshops on how to define requirements and evaluate vendors and solutions, how to design an efficient parking facility and how to manage a professional parking operation.

During installation product-specific training for maintenance staff, managers and first line support personnel is provided. This training is also available at a later date for new staff and workshops cover specific issues for the site.

Following installation we work with you to eliminate any issues where training can make a difference. We constantly monitor call-out patterns to identify training and operational issues and help with further training as required.

Last but not least, we share best practice information on a regular basis within each market sector, helping you to learn from similar operations how to maximise revenues, minimise costs and improve your customer experience.

First Line Maintenance

Please click here for HUB first line maintenance document

This document contains important information pertaining to the servicing of a HUB Parking Technology site as well as procedures for logging calls, ordering consumables etc. It also gives a list of the responsibilities of the operators / owners on site from a first line maintenance perspective.

Call Logging Procedure

Please click here for Zeag call logging procedure

This procedure should be followed when placing a call for breakdown service.