Simple and intuitive parking solutions for international environments

Whatever the hotel type and level of services, the high turnover of clients sets the challenge to offer guests the smoothest and hassle-free experience for that unique stay.

Even as regards the parking facility it is crucial to provide them with the best usability and functioning! More than 80 Hotels around the globe already chose HUB’s technology solutions to simplify their parking experience.

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The users’ journey at the accommodation starts from the car park, immediately at their arrival! Discover how to enhance their stay thanks to a simple, intuitive parking system and learn how it can be integrated into the Hotel management assets for an optimal administration.

  • Customers have definitely changed their habits towards a more digitalized experience. You can adopt scalable and technically advanced parking systems to keep up with the times while definitely improving internal processes! Explore our Digital Services!
  • HUB’s solutions are designed to be easily integrated into existing management systems or apps to efficiently administer the guests’ stay. You can effortlessly integrate the booking and access system with HUB’s parking management software, saving time and resources while your guests enter the car park automatically and independently. Explore JMS!

And there’s more

  • Optimize internal processes by resolving the critical administrative issues! Our system is capable of managing different cash flows and it adapts to any specific requirement, thanks to the most common communication standards between industrial-level businesses.
  • Gain the highest level of security over the entire parking asset: our solutions provide the maximum control on entry/exit vehicles. If your parking asset is at disposal of guests, staff, and external users you can still manage it with peace of mind thanks to anti-passback configurations and license plates’ monitoring. Explore LPR!

...and more!

  • Increase your revenues and maximize the return on your investment thanks to top-notch reporting capabilities. Whatever size of hotel you run, HUB Parking Technology helps you achieve these goals by providing a software platform that reports on the system performance, and allows you to take informed decisions. Explore JMS!
  • Get full control of your parking asset: HUB’s system is designed to sustain heavy traffic, and to function 7 days a week, 24 hours a day - for a complete hassle-free management and usage.

Our parking solutions for modern Hotels were chosen by several facilities all over the world. Read the cases of Sheraton Airport Hotel and Mercure Hotel, Paris – France.

We chose HUB to renew the parking facility of the hotel at its best, and to ensure the most satisfactory completion of the journey to our guests. Moreover, the management of the spaces became extremely flexible and efficient.

Management Team, Sheraton Paris Airport Hotel

PARIS Sheraton Airport Hotel

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PARIS Mercure Hotel

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More than 80 accommodation facilities across the globe adopted HUB’s solutions to provide a simple and easy parking experience to their guests.

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Parking experience

HUB’s solutions are designed to offer to end users the smoothest and easiest parking experience on the first try! In fact the chance for Hotels to provide an optimal experience likely occurs during a unique stay, due to the occasional rotation of clients.

No matter the location of the Hotel, you can always make your guests feel at home. The user interface of HUB’s equipment is translated in multiple languages (over 9!) to offer them an effortless interaction .

Moreover, customers will save time and energies by immediately find their parking slot following our parking guidance technology.

Take advantage of our solutions to win the challenge of a hassle-free stay for guests, by granting the quickest and simplest parking experience right at their arrival!

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There are a great variety of hotel types with different levels of service: each of them require tailored solutions to adapt their parking sites for the best usability and functioning. Tell us about your Hotel specifications, we will help you win the challenge!

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