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Flexible and simple parking solutions for Educational Institutions

Parking at Universities, Colleges and Campuses is a side effect that staff, students and visitors want to be involved with the least. Provide them with flexible, fast and easy access to parking thanks to the most convenient contactless or hands-free solutions.

More and more Educational Institutions around the world are adopting HUB’s solutions to improve both operations and parking experience.

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With  students' and staff's in place attendance pace fluctuating, the urgency to provide flexible and adaptable parking provisions has the utmost importance for Universities and Campuses. Learn how to optimize operations and smoothen the parking experience thanks to HUB’s technologies.

  • Gain the highest level of security over the entire parking asset: our solutions provide the maximum control on entry/exit vehicles. If your parking asset is at disposal of students, staff, and visitors you can still manage it with peace of mind thanks to license plates’ monitoring. Explore ANPR!
  • You can count on user-friendly, reliable interfaces that do not require touch interaction, to support the heightened hygiene efforts in place at high-transit sites. Contactless payments and tap-and-wave access media can be easily integrated into your parking system. Explore our Touchless Solutions!

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  • Facility Management System provides accurate monitoring of the parking facility to ensure appropriate usage by designated groups, as well as advanced reporting to collect the relevant information for statistical analysis, and for the planning of future parking operation. Explore JMS!
  • Manage the parking asset without headaches! Our reliable and factory-trained service team provides regular preventative maintenance and fast response for the issue diagnosis and resolution. Local service support and its 24/7 help desk ensure smooth operation every day. Explore our Services!
  • HUB’s solutions are designed to be easily integrated into existing management systems or apps to efficiently supervise vehicles entry/exit. You can effortlessly integrate the students permit system with HUB’s parking management software, in order for the staff to effectively administer car flows and enhance customer service.

Our parking solutions for modern Educational Institutions were chosen by several facilities all over the world. Read the case of Simmons University, Boston – USA.

HUB Parking Technology met every expectation we had. Their solution has significantly improved our system monitoring and reporting while enhancing our revenue control and improving traffic flow within the garage.

Jeremy Solomon, Simmons University’s spokesman - USA

BOSTON Simmons University

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More and more colleges and universities around the world are adopting HUB’s solutions to improve both operations and parking experience for students and staff.

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Parking experience

For students and staff, parking is a side effect they want to be involved with the least. Thanks to our technologies you can provide them with the most convenient parking solutions for straightforward, fast and easy access to parking.

Quality, long-lasting and reliable products and services are the natural consequence of HUB’s 100 years of know-how in the industry. Drivers can count on a handy and dependable combination of software and hardware solutions for a  hassle-free parking experience!

Our solutions are designed to offer students and staff a comfortable parking experience, for efficient parking ingress and egress especially during peak traffic periods.

You can grant an even smoother parking experience thanks to a wide range of flawless third-party integrations with other touchpoints of the journey!

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Universities, Colleges and Campuses can greatly vary depending on their size, location and targets: tailored solutions are required to adapt their parking sites for the best usability and functioning. Tell us about your specifications, we will help you define the most suitable parking solution!

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