J4M Merchant

The ultimate validation solution, now in mobile format:
J4M Merchant


J4M Merchant


As a parking operator or a local merchant, you can reward your customers’ purchases easily and quickly with the J4M Merchant app: turn your smartphone or tablet into a powerful validation unit, and simplify operations!

Available for iOS and Android phones and tablets, J4M will grant you full control of all claimed validations. How? Ticket ID number, barcodes and digital tickets (stored in JPass mobile app) can be scanned by merchant staff via the device-embedded camera, and the desired parking fee discount applied in real time by simply tapping on the screen.


J4M is an ideal solution for complex environments such as shopping malls, granting benefits for Parking Operators, Shop Owners and Drivers. See how!


  • Enhance business performance by setting up a structured validation program, with multiple permission levels​

  • Forecast and optimize parking revenues by cooperating with nearby businesses

  • Painless and detailed auditing/reporting of the validations applied, thanks to full integration with Janus Management System

  • Higher customer loyalty thanks to a structured discount program


  • Simplify clerks’ operations, without additional hardware requirements

  • Easy set-up and selection among multiple validations, applicable to a single ticket: percentage discount, money discount, time discount, rate change, total validation

  • Powerful promotion tool: you can offer discounts to your clients as part of a loyalty program

  • Quick monitoring of the validation environment


  • Flawless payment and exit, without any additional paper voucher or receipt to scan at pay stations/exit lanes other than their parking ticket

  • Completely paperless parking if they are using JPass mobile app and its digital voucher

HUB’s J4M Merchant Validation is also available for desktop devices, with the additional print-on-file functionality that allows to print vouchers on paper or on electronic file and send vouchers via any media: social media, magazines, emails, packages, stickers and many more, enhancing the customer experience.

J4M Merchant is one of HUB’s flexible solutions for the digital future of parking.

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